NDTonAIR organized the EASN2020 (Transport Research Arena) special session:

“Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft structures”

The session took place the 2nd of September, from 14:40 to 17:30 and below is reported the list of speakers and contributions.

For more info, please visit the conference website https://easnconference.eu/

  1. Sensing devices with a sigmoidal sensing characteristics to simplify data interpretation and enhance robustness in Structural Health Monitoring. Authors: Helge Pfeiffer (presenter), Sevilia Sunetchiieva, Michael Stamm , Martine Wevers.
  2. Non-destructive Evaluations of CompositeAdhesive Bonding with Data Fusion. Authors: Bengisu Yilmaz (presenter), Elena Jasiuniene, Abdoulaye Ba, Huu Kien Bui, Gerard Berthiau.
  3. Integration and evaluation of a meandershaped fiber-optical sensor in GFRP coupons. Authors: Andreas Preisler  (presenter), Friedrich Wolf-Monheim , Athanasios Dafnis, Kai-Uwe Schröder, Wolfgang David, Paul Zandbergen.
  4. Air-coupled ultrasonic measurement of inplane elastic properties of a non-uniform MICA paper. Authors: Justina Sestoke (presenter), R. J. Kazys, R. Sliteris.
  5. Development of Air-Coupled ultrasound Guided wave numerical model in COMSOL Multiphysics. Authors: Aadhik Asokkumar (presenter), Elena Jasiuniene.
  6. Delamination detection in composites using non-linear vibro-acoustic modulation. Authors: Tommaso Seresini (presenter), Christ Glorieux, Helge Pfeiffer, Martine Wevers
  7. Investigation on Low Velocity Impact Damage identification with Ultrasonic techniques under different sensor network conditions. Authors: A. Beligni (presenter), F. Cadini, C. Sbarufatti, M. Giglio, N. Cim m iniello, P. Salvato, E. Monaco, F. Romano
  8. Development of Eddy Current based inspection system for detection of defects in Carbon fibre. Authors: Ian Nicholson, Vicki James (presenter), P. Ian Nicholson, Chris Silva, Chris Sm ith, John Hans, Nelly Fernandez, Abbas Egbeyem i, Jam es Sexton, Mo Missous, Joseph Dobson