NEWS– Training Event N°5 will take place in Rome, 16-18 October 2018.

The NDTonAIR consortium will organize during the project various training, research and dissemination events.

A list of the foreseen events is reported in the table below:


N° 1

Scientific and Technical School – [NDT1]: “State of the art and emerging technologies in NDT and SHM” + Scientific and Technical School – [NDT2]: “Certified technologies for aircrafts inpection” ;
Location: UK – TWI premises Expected date: April 2017

Actual date: 18-22 September 2017

Duration 5 days- 32 h

N° 2

Scientific School-[SK1a-b]: “EM, Acoustic theory & Modelling” + Workshop and Industrial Seminar on Modelling;
 France –CEA  premises Expected date: September 2017

Actual date: 15-19 January 2018

Duration 5 days- 32 h

N° 3

Scientific School -[SK1c]: Material Science, Vibrometry and Thermal Theory
Dresden – FHG premises Expected date: December 2017

Actual date: 16-20 April 2018

Duration 5 days- 32 h

N° 4

Scientific School-[SK2a-b] Sensor design and Data-Acquisition Systems + Workshop on Innovative Sensors for NDT and SHM + Meeting with China Scholarship Council scholars and students
University of Newcastle Expected date: April 2018

Actual date: 25-28 September 2018

Duration 5 days- 35 h

N° 5

Young Researcher Conference -YRC- (each ESR presents his work to the others) + Training school [CSK1-2] Project management and Intellectual Property
Linz – RECENDT premises Expected date: September 2018 Duration 5 days- 35 h

N° 6

Scientific School-[SK3a-b] Signal and Image Processing + Workshop on Ultrasonic Imaging
Kaunas KTU Expected date: December 2018 Duration 5 days- 32 h

N° 7

Workshop on Structural and Prognostic Health Monitoring and Aircraft maintenance – Training school [CSK2-3] Entrepreneurial training
KU Leuven – Brussels Airlines Expected date: April 2019 Duration 5 days- 35 h

N° 8

Workshop on Comparison, Integration & Fusion of NDT techniques + Scientific School-[SK4a] Statistical Data Analysis, POD, + Scientific School-[SK4b] Automatic detection, Information Fusion, POD
University of Perugia Expected date: September 2018 Duration 5 days- 32 h

All these events are devoted to train the EarlyStage researchers in both fundamental and technical skills related to nondestructive testing and structural health monitoring and in complementary skills related to the organization and the management of research, such as intellectual property protection, business planning, etc..

In addition to the training events, NDTonAIR foresees  the following project meetings:
– a kick-off meeting
– a mid-term review meeting
– a final project meeting

An international conference at the end of the project is also planned