NDTonAIR and SAFE-FLY MSCA ITNs invite you to join the TRA2020 (Transport Research Arena) invited session:

“Air transport safety: the role of structural health monitoring and nondestructive testing”

The webinar will take place on June 10th, 2020 14:30 (CEST) and will be conducted in English through Google Meet

(session link https://meet.google.com/hae-mtek-wfg

The schedule of the session is reported below, and info about the session is also available in the TRA2020 website

Besides presentations, there will also be plenty of time for discussion.

If you want to join the session as an attendee or as a speaker, please register by filling the form below or send an email at info@ndtonair.eu.

For further info about the Transport and Research Arena 2020, please visit traconference.eu

Session schedule:

  • 14:30 opening and presentation Prof. Dimitrios Chronopoulos,  the University of Nottingham, and Prof. Marco Ricci,  the University of Calabria
  • 14:40 Dr. Essa Yasser, Senior R&T Engineer – Aernnova Engineering Division Global perspective about the SHM in commercial airplanes, the experience of Aernnova in Clean Sky 2“.  
  • 15:10 Miss Bengisu Yilmaz, Kaunas University of Technology & NDTonAIR MSCA fellow: “Rethinking joints: Evaluation of adhesive bonding quality with advanced nondestructive testing techniques“.
  • 15:25 Mr. Udit Pillai, the University of Nottingham  & SAFE-FLY MSCA fellow: Overview and results of the SAFE-FLY project“.
  • 15:40 Dr. Hamed Malekmohammadi, the University of Perugia & NDTonAIR MSCA fellow: Thermography inspection of composites for aircraft industry: the results of NDTonAIR project.
  • 15:55 Dr. Muhammad Khalid Rizwan, the University of Perugia & NDTonAIR MSCA fellow: Ultrasonic inspection of high attenuating materials for transport industry“.  
  • 16:10 session closure

Target Audience:

The aerospace industry, airliner operator, aircraft designers and producers, NDT and SHM researchers.