The University of Perugia’s 8th Training Event – via Web

The NDTonAIR 8th Training Event has taken place on 3-5 June 2020.

Due to the CoViD-19 emergency, and the related measures adopted in many countries for the protection of the public health, this last NDTonAIR Training Event has been held via-web.

The originally-scheduled Training Event organization (see has been tailored and changed to make the web-based event being effective and productive. Hence, the ESRs presentations contained a resume of their research activities, with a close look at the collaborations they have established within the NDTonAIR consortium to perform the comparison, integration, and fusion of NDT techniques.

The detailed agenda of the 8th Training Event can be download hereMoreover, each event’s session has been recorded – it can be accessed and viewed here below. Finally, each ESR’s individual presentation can be download from the related link.

Speakers and .pdf slides:

– Mr. Michael Stamm – Brussels Airlines: “Loose rivet detection with (vibroacoustic) thermography and SLDV measurements”  (download .pdf);

– Ms. Bengisu Yilmaz – KTU: “Evaluation of adhesive bonding quality with advanced nondestructive testing techniques”(download .pdf);

– Mr. Silvio Amato – University of Warwick:  “Operation principles of EMATs, focusing on Lorentz force mechanism, the use of metallic patch for generating elastic waves in non‐ conductive samples; operation principles of capacitive imaging, applied on both conductive and insulating samples” (download .pdf);

– Dr. Muhammad Khalid – University of Perugia: “Explaining the basics of phased‐array and numerically evaluating the time delay laws for a linear array traducer; combining pulse‐compression with phased‐array; image reconstruction producers for linear phased‐array and showing some results of composite inspections.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Sergey Gartsev – Fraunhofer IKTS: “Residual stress measurement in metals: application, existing and prospective solutions” (download .pdf).

– Mr. Houssem Chebbi – CEA:  ” The motivation and the interest of electromagnetic modeling in eddy current inspection problems especially for complex materials; semi‐analytical modeling of eddy current inspection (advantages and limitations); perspectives and possible coupling with other NDT methods”  (download .pdf);

– Ms. Sevilia Sunetchiieva – KU Leuven: “Fatigue in aviation (its types), Current solutions/NDT methods, SHM for early crack detection during fatigue evolution ”  (download .pdf);

– Mr. Luca Pecoriello – RECENDT: ” Introduction to inverse problems (ill‐posed); Tikhonov Regularization (+ iterative); Virtual wave concept; examples and demonstration conducted during the project” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Aadhik Asokkumar – KTU: “Performing investigation using Air‐coupled transducers for through-transmission method and guided wave method; Air‐coupled excitation and 1D‐Laser doppler Vibrometer reception of the guided waves.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Abdoulaye Ba – University of Nantes: “Modeling of composite materials (structures, homogenization, etc.); Eddy Currents (from Maxwell’s equations to numerical models); Inductive Thermography (from Maxwell’s equations to numerical models); Eddy Current Tomography.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Qiuji Yi – University of Newcastle: “Kernel PCA and its applications for thermography signal feature extraction; ECPuCT for QNDE of CFRP delamination and debonding; Model based inversion reconstruction for multi‐layer CFRP.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Tommaso Seresini – KU Leuven: “Nonlinear acoustics, Laser vibrometry.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Konrad Chwelatiuk – Fraunhofer IKTS: “Piezoelectric Fiber Patches (PFP) (design, the principle of operation); MS‐PFP (as an example of PFP transducer which is able to generate  Lamb waves and SH waves efficiently); Advantage of using MS‐PFP in the industry (advantage of the ability to switch modes during an investigation, suitable investigation cases for LAMB waves and SH waves).” (download .pdf);

– Dr. Hamed Malekmohammadi – University of Perugia: “NDT in Advanced Manufacturing.” (download .pdf);

– Mr. Akram Zitoun – TWI Ltd.: “Magnetostrictive EMATs and the inspections that can be carried out.” (download .pdf).

3rd June 2020

Morning Session 

Afternoon Session 

4th June 2020

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5th June 2020

Morning Session

Afternoon Session